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Dr. Dhruti Contractor Joins Atlanta Hand Specialist as Newest Board-Certified Surgeon

Dr. Contractor is a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon Specializing in Hand Surgery (May 2, 2023) ATLANTA, GA — Dr. Dhruti Contractor, a board certified orthopaedic surgeon with certification in the sub-specialty of Surgery of the Hand, recently joined Atlanta Hand... Read More

Badminton Injuries and Treatments in Atlanta, GA

Badminton is a fun game that can be played throughout the year, indoors and out. Badminton players regularly pace back and forth on the court, making sudden starts, stops, and twists, which can cause undue injury to their joints.... Read More

Why You’re Experiencing Wrist & Elbow Pain During Tennis

The repetitive impact your dominant hand and arm experience when you hit a tennis ball can cause damage to your tendons, despite how light the ball and racket might be. In fact, injuries such as these are so common... Read More

Do You Experience Hand Pain While Typing?

Whether you’re sitting at your computer and typing email after email, or firing off text messages from your phone, the continual and repetitive motion that typing involves can cause tendon irritation and painful side effects. The hand pain you’re... Read More

Why Do I Keep Dropping Things?

Do you find that you have a hard time holding on to things, accompanied by a numbness or tingling in your hand? This could be a sign that you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome. The weakness in your hand... Read More

Immediate Steps to Take If You’ve Severed Your Finger

If you sever a finger in an accident, there are several immediate actions you can take that can help preserve your finger and staunch the flow of blood. Taking these quick steps, along with contacting the right medical personnel,... Read More

Smartphone Causing You Pain? You Might Have Text Claw

Text messaging is one of the most frequently and widely-used applications on mobile devices and smartphones. According to Pew Internet Research, 97{8a84bec29f0c6191c5749bf28eb523294366e43ed833a200fa3533daa6774e4e} of Americans send at least one text message every day, which accounts to more than 6 billion... Read More

Ligaments, Tendons, & Bones! Oh My!

Every time you make a fist or wave goodbye to a loved one, there are several bones, tendons, and ligaments at work in your hand. As one of the most complex and fascinating body parts, each hand is made... Read More

Hand Safety When Carving Pumpkins

Most people’s favorite part of fall centers around Halloween: costumes, crisp leaves, trick-or-treating, and, of course, pumpkin carving. For the traditionalists, there are the whimsical jack o’ lanterns; for the creative, there are negative space carvings or silhouettes; and... Read More

6 Ergonomic Products for Work and Home

What does it mean to be ergonomic? Essentially, ergonomic means to be designed for the user, rather than expecting the user to adapt to the product’s design. Ergonomic designs typically put less stress on the user’s physical body, allowing... Read More

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you have pressure on your wrists? Many people have symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without knowing it. Find out how the condition is caused and what treatment you’ll receive from Atlanta Hand Specialists for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Wrist & Hand Fracture

If you have shooting pain in your hand or wrist, you may have a wrist or hand fracture. Fracturing, or breaking, the bones in the wrist or hand is extremely easy because of their size and structure. Read on to learn how wrist and hand fractures are treated by Dr. Patel and the Atlanta Hand Specialists.

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Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is caused by stressing the tendons and getting your thumb or finger stuck in the bent position. Inflammation and localized pressure are common signs for trigger finger. Seek treatment from the Atlanta Hand Specialists about trigger finger and your treatment options available.

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Ganglion Cyst

Tender lumps found on the hand or wrist can be a cyst. Ganglion Cysts are commonly filled with fluid, and form because of tendon or joint irritation. Find out more about how Ganglion Cysts are treated by the specialists at Atlanta Hand Specialist.

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