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Dr. Patel is an Expert at Treating Tennis Elbow in Atlanta

Dr. Viralkumar Patel will determine what type of epicondylitis you have and restore your elbow so you can play tennis or golf like you did before the pain started.

Treating tennis elbow in Atlanta is a common procedure due to the popularity of tennis, golf and baseball. Tennis or golf elbow is medically referred to as lateral epicondylitis. When tendons, the material that anchors muscles to bones, begin to deteriorate; the amount of stress on the muscle increases, causing considerable pain. With tennis elbow, the muscle that becomes strained is the extensor carpi radialis brevis, which helps to stabilize the wrist. Whenever it’s activated for long periods of time, during lifting or gripping, a tender pain begins to emanate over the outer elbow.

Dr. Patel is adept at all forms of conservative and preventative treatment for tennis elbow in Atlanta and will tailor a treatment plan just for you. Some of the more popular methods for treating tennis elbow include:

  • Activity Modification – Simply limiting the aggravating activity or changing the grip on your tennis racquet or golf club can potentially relieve elbow pain
  • Medication – Anti-inflammatory medications will reduce swelling and pain
  • Brace  — A tennis elbow brace, a band worn over the muscle of the forearm, can isolate it and allow it to heal
  • Physical Therapy – Dr. Patel can recommend a physical therapist that will teach you tennis elbow strengthening exercises
  • Steroid Injections – A much stronger anti-inflammatory that can be injected directly into the tendon for faster relief
  • Shockwave Treatment – A controlled shock wave targeted directly at the elbow that has an efficacy rate of 50-60{8a84bec29f0c6191c5749bf28eb523294366e43ed833a200fa3533daa6774e4e}

If conservative treatment of tennis elbow doesn’t alleviate the pain after six months and is becoming worse, surgery might be the only option left. Dr. Patel will remove the diseased, damaged or deteriorated tendon tissue using traditional arthroscopic surgery or arthroscopy which uses smaller, more discrete incisions. Physical therapy will help you regain motion in the affected arm along with a regimen of strengthening exercises. Expect recovery to take between 4-6 months.

The best way to treat tennis elbow in Atlanta is not delaying until elbow pain stops you from enjoying the sports or activities you love, but calling Atlanta Hand Specialist at (770) 333-7888 today. You can also schedule a tennis elbow consultation at our Smyrna and Douglasville locations through our contact page. Let Dr. Patel treat your tennis elbow, so you can get back in the game.

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