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Immediate Steps to Take If You’ve Severed Your Finger

If you sever a finger in an accident, there are several immediate actions you can take that can help preserve your finger and staunch the flow of blood. Taking these quick steps, along with contacting the right medical personnel, may affect whether the finger can be reattached or not. Learn the steps below from the experts at Atlanta Hand Specialist.

Clean and Dress the Injury

After cutting and severing a finger, one of the first things to do is wash the affected area. Run the finger under water to clean the injury and to remove any debris. If a large piece of debris is still lodged in your finger, do not remove the piece. Clean around the debris as much as possible. After cleaning the area, place a bit of sterile dressing, like gauze or a clean washcloth, on the area. Compress the injury to help stop the flow of blood.

Clean and Preserve the Severed Finger

After cleaning your injury, quickly sanitize the amputated finger with water or saline solution. Wrap the finger in moist gauze or a moist towel and place it in a watertight bag. Place that bag in a container or bag of ice to preserve the finger. Do not place the finger directly on ice, as this can damage the finger further.

Elevate and Immobilize the Hand

After you’ve cleaned and dressed the area, try and keep the hand up as much as possible to help slow the flow of blood. If you have a splint available, immobilize the hand and finger to help prevent further injury and to slow blood flow.

Contact the Appropriate Medical Personnel

If you feel like you are in need of an ambulance, call 911 for medical attention. If at any time after the injury, you feel lightheaded or dizzy, lie down immediately and contact medical personnel or someone in your household to take the necessary steps for your medical care. Whether you need an ambulance or have a friend or family member drive you to the emergency room, seek medical attention sooner rather than later.

Severed Finger Care at Atlanta Hand Specialist

If you’ve severed your finger in an accident, contact the hand and finger surgeons at Atlanta Hand Specialist. We have a team of qualified and experienced doctors who are experts at treating hand and finger injuries and conditions. Call us today at 770-333-7888 to learn more about what we can offer, or make an appointment online.

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