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Get Help for a Nerve Injury at Atlanta Hand Specialist

Visit our office in Smyrna, Georgia, for nerve injury treatment to relieve pain

A nerve injury can be caused by pressure, stretching or cutting. At Atlanta Hand Specialist we treat nerve injuries affecting the hand, wrist, arm and elbow. As with any condition, the type of injury you have experienced will determine your treatment options.

Depending on the type and severity of the nerve injury, you may need prescription or over-the-counter medicines to relief pain. You may also need physical therapy to prevent stiffness. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

If the nerve injury was not caused by cutting, your nerve may be able to heal on its own. Dr. Viralkumar Patel, our board certified general surgeon with certification in the sub-specialty of surgery of the hand general surgeon and fellowship-trained hand surgeon, will carefully monitor your nerve to determine if it is healing properly. While the healing process can take up to two years, if the nerve is healing properly, there is a good chance you will not need surgery.

If a nerve has been cut or damaged beyond repair, Dr. Viralkumar Patel will surgically remove the damaged section of the nerve and reconnect the healthy nerve ends (nerve repair) or implant a piece of the nerve from another part of your body (nerve graft) to heal the nerve injury.

Dr. Patel can successfully repair nerve injuries at our Smyrna, Georgia, office, including:

  • Median nerve injury
  • Radial nerve injury
  • Ulnar nerve injury
  • And more

During your consultation for nerve injury treatment in Atlanta, we will also discuss options that can help restore function to the affected muscles. As you recover for your nerve injury, a brace or a splint, electrical stimulator, or physical therapy can help speed recovery and improve function.

To learn more about Atlanta Hand Specialist‘s nerve injury treatment options, please call (770) 333-7888 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Smyrna, Georgia, office.

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