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Get Tennis Elbow Surgery in Atlanta: Atlanta Hand Specialist

Let Double Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Patel Relieve Your Tennis Elbow Pain

If conservative treatments have failed to treat your tennis elbow, you may be a candidate for tennis elbow surgery. While activity modification, medications, steroid injections, and other conservative treatments are very effective for mild to moderate tennis elbow, they may not be effective treat more serve cases. Incapacitating pain and symptoms that last for longer than six months can often be treated only with this procedure.

At Atlanta Hand Specialist, Dr. Viralkumar Patel, our board certified general surgeon with certification in the sub-specialty of surgery of the hand general surgeon and fellowship-trained hand surgeon, will carefully evaluate your condition before determining if tennis elbow surgery is right for you. He makes every effort to promote healing through conservative methods first. Yet if you do need surgery, rest assured that Dr. Patel has the knowledge and experience to successfully perform the procedure and speed your recovery time.

Tennis elbow surgery involves removing the diseased and degenerated tendon tissue. There are two surgical approaches to this procedure: traditional open surgery (incision) and arthroscopy, a procedure performed by inserting instruments into the joints through small incisions. Dr. Patel performs both options in an outpatient setting.

Recovery of tennis elbow surgery includes physical therapy to help you regain motion of your arm. A strengthening program is necessary in order for you to return to prior activities. The recovery process usually takes between four to six months.

To learn more about tennis elbow surgery, please call Atlanta Hand Specialist at (770) 333-7888 or contact us online. You don’t have to continue living with tennis elbow pain. Schedule your appointment today!

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