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If Your Hand Hurts in Atlanta, Call Dr. Patel

Atlanta Hand Specialist will figure out why your hand hurts in Atlanta and will effectively treat everything from arthritis to wrist fractures to carpal tunnel to get your hand pain under control

If your hand hurts in Atlanta, it’s generally due to some form of arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Arthritis literally translates to “inflamed joint”. A joint is just a matched set of bones connected by cartilage. When this cartilage becomes strained or wears out, it causes the bones to irregularly rub against one another, resulting in chronic pain. Your hand hurts in Atlanta because of:

Your hand hurting in Atlanta might also be symptomatic of carpal tunnel syndrome. Technically, it’s a result of increased pressure on the median (middle) nerve of the wrist. It’s really a pinched nerve at the base of your wrist. This can be caused by a multitude of factors, including fluid retention during pregnancy, but generally any job that requires you keeping the wrist bent in one position for long periods of time (typing) can cause this stiffness. Chronic numbness and tingling may also be a result of carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Patel will also carefully examine other reasons for your hand hurting in Atlanta including:

Treatment for any of these afflictions begins with more conservative out-patient methods like prescribing anti-inflammatory or analgesic medications to reduce the pain and swelling. A cortisone injection, might provide temporary relief to serious symptoms but is not a long-term solution

If none of these treatments work, then Dr. Patel will recommend some form of hand surgery. Joint fusion surgery is one effective procedure in which the hand surgeon removes the arthritic tissue and fuses together the two bones that have been displaced by the inflammation. Joint reconstruction is another method where the surface is removed and replaced with an implant or rolled-up tissue to alleviate the pain.

Atlanta Hand Specialist has two fully staffed offices in Smyrna and Douglasville to find out why your hand hurts in Atlanta. To schedule a personal consultation with one of the best hand surgeons in Atlanta call (770)-333-7888 or contact us today.

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