In light of the recent COVID-19 health concerns, we at Atlanta Hand Specialist have preemptively decided to put in place protocols for the safety of our patients and community. If you or a loved one have traveled to high-risk areas or are symptomatic, please call us to assist with your appointment. For live updates regarding the status of our clinics, please Click Here.

Fax: (770) 333-7889

Accepted Insurance

Atlanta Hand Specialist participates in the majority of health care plans, including third party payers. The following is a list of some of the health care plans accepted by Atlanta Hand Specialist:

  • BC/BS (HMO and PPO)
  • Aetna
    • Aetna Affordable Health Choices limited benefits insurance plan (SRC only)
    • Aetna Choice POS (Aetna HealthFund)
    • Aetna Choice POS II (Aetna HealthFund)
    • Aetna Choice® POS (Open Access)
    • Aetna Choice® POS II (Open Access)
    • And More
  • Medicare/Cahaba GBA
  • AARP
    • AARP Medicare Advantage HMO
    • AARP Medicare Advantage POS
    • AARP Medicare Advantage PPO
    • AARP Medicare Complete (HMO)
    • AARP Medicare Supplement
    • AARP MedicareComplete SecureHorizons
    • AARP Personal Health Insurance Plan
    • Premier
    • And More
  • Coventry/First Health
    • Altius HCA / Mountain Star
    • Altius Provider Directory
    • Coventry National Network
    • FEHB
    • Peak Advantage
    • Peak Preference Level 1 (only)
    • And More
  • TRICARE (Standard, For Life, and Prime)
  • Summit Healthcare
  • PHCS/Multiplan
    • Behavioral Health
    • Choice Fund Open Access Plus
    • Choice Fund Open Access Plus with CareLink
    • Choice Fund PPO
    • And More
  • United Healthcare
    • Heritage Choice
    • Heritage Choice Standard
    • UnitedHealthcare Choice
    • UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus
    • UnitedHealthcare Core
  • Beech Street
    • Complementary
    • Consumer Card
    • Limited Benefit Plan
    •  Primary
    •  Supplemental
  • NovaNET
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • NovaNet PPO
  • Wellcare
    • Georgia Medicaid
    • Georgia Medicare
  • Humana
    • Humana Classic
    • Humana Gold Plus HMO (Medicare)
    • Humana Gold Plus HMO-SNP
    • Humana Preferred Kroger Lou
    • Humana Preferred PPO
    • And More

NOTE: This list is subject to change and is in no way a guarantee that we accept your insurance. Please contact our billing department at (770) 333-7888 or your insurance carrier, if you have questions regarding our participation in your plan.

Insurance Co-Pays

Most insurance plans require patients to make a co-payment at the time of their visit. All co-pays will be collected at the time of check-in. Please be prepared to pay your co-pay directly prior to your scheduled appointment.

Insurance Deductibles

Most insurance plans have deductibles that apply for surgical procedures. Patients are required to pay their deductible prior to their surgical procedure.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you have pressure on your wrists? Many people have symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without knowing it. Find out how the condition is caused and what treatment you’ll receive from Atlanta Hand Specialists for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Wrist & Hand Fracture

If you have shooting pain in your hand or wrist, you may have a wrist or hand fracture. Fracturing, or breaking, the bones in the wrist or hand is extremely easy because of their size and structure. Read on to learn how wrist and hand fractures are treated by Dr. Patel and the Atlanta Hand Specialists.

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Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is caused by stressing the tendons and getting your thumb or finger stuck in the bent position. Inflammation and localized pressure are common signs for trigger finger. Seek treatment from the Atlanta Hand Specialists about trigger finger and your treatment options available.

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Ganglion Cyst

Tender lumps found on the hand or wrist can be a cyst. Ganglion Cysts are commonly filled with fluid, and form because of tendon or joint irritation. Find out more about how Ganglion Cysts are treated by the specialists at Atlanta Hand Specialist.

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