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Kitchen Knife Injuries

Every chef knows the secret to a successful dish is the knife behind the cooking. While having a sharp blade is important for culinary success, it can also lead to very severe injuries. Whether or not you are an expert in the kitchen, knife injuries can leave cooks with debilitating conditions like severed nerves or large lacerations.

The experienced doctors at Atlanta Hand Specialist have decades of experience treating hand and finger injuries caused by kitchen knives. Our specialists understand the severity of knife injuries and are dedicated to getting you back in the kitchen!

Preventing Knife Injuries

As stated above, a sharp knife is better for kitchen use than a dull one, but can also lead to quick, effortless injuries. Sharp knives are also made to grab the surface of whatever it is cutting. Preventing injuries through safety precautions is the best way to avoid injuring yourself.

To prevent knife injuries, follow these tips from Atlanta Hand Specialist:

  • Cut rounded items in half, to provide a flat surface to cut on.
  • Hold your item with the finger pointed down and tucked in, using the knuckles to guide the knife.
  • Use a proper cutting surface; plates, stove tops, and tile can cause food items to slip, use a wooden or plastic cutting board instead.
  • Choose the proper blade for the job.
  • Never reach for a blade that is falling, your hand eye coordination cannot keep up with the handle.

Treating a Knife Injury

If you have been injured by a knife, stay calm. Most knife cuts are easily treated. Clean your cut with soap and water to prevent infection. Ensure that the bleeding is only oozing, and not gushing or squirting out. Try to stop the bleeding by applying pressure in a wrapped rag. Once bleeding as slowed or stopped, cover with a bandage or sealant made for wounds.

If the wound is bleeding heavily and fast, call 911 immediately. If a piece of your digits has been removed, save it in a large bag of ice before paramedics arrive and keep pressure on the opened end.

Contact the offices of Atlanta Hand Specialist to receive expert care for serious injuries. Our doctors are specialists in treating damaged fingers and hands. Don’t let one accident leave you with a debilitating condition.

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Atlanta Hand Specialist offer patients treatment for serious kitchen knife injuries. If you have suffered nerve damage or devastating lacerations, we can help.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our physicians, fill out our online form or contact our office at (770) 333-7888. We have six convenient locations in Smyrna, Marietta, Canton, East Cobb, and Douglasville.

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