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Wedding Ring Safety Tips for the Hand

Although you vowed “till death do us part” at the altar, it doesn’t mean you are required by law or moral code to wear your wedding every waking hour. In reality, there are several times when it’s more important to your hand and finger health to take it off. Stay safe and use the following wedding ring safety tips to protect your ring and hand.

Be Careful When Working Around Machinery – Ring Avulsion

If you work around or with heavy machinery, it’s important to stay alert and carefully consider removing your wedding ring to prevent ring avulsion injuries. Ring avulsion injuries are explained as a sudden pull on a ring that results in a mild to severe soft tissue injury.

These injuries can range from simple lacerations to complete amputations. Since your hands are more than likely directly related to your ability to earn a living, it’s best to remove your wedding ring anytime you are working around heavy machinery or moving parts.

Choosing the Right Ring Size

The majority of people are exceptionally reluctant to remove their wedding bands. Most people wear them through exercise, winters, summers, and pregnancies – all times when your fingers contract and swell due to cold, heat, weight gain, and water retention. If this explains your ring wearing habits, it becomes increasingly important to choose the right size.

In order to find the right size that will best weather life’s changes, do your final fitting when your body temperature is normal and you are relaxed. Avoid finalizing your ring size in the early morning because people typically retain salt from the previous night. You should also avoid having your hand sized after you have exercised because your fingers will swell.

Choose the Right Metal for Your Occupation

If you sit at a desk all day, virtually any ring may be suitable for your occupation. However, certain professions are better suited for specific metals. For instance, if you or your spouse is a mechanic, it may be best to avoid the harder metals, such as platinum.

In the event of an accident and the ring has to be cut off, a platinum ring would be infinitely more difficult to remove in comparison to a silicon ring. If a hospital or medical office does not have the proper equipment to remove the extra-strength wedding band, the finger may have to be amputated. In the end, it’s imperative to choose a wedding ring that matches your lifestyle and is safe for your occupation.

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While Injuries to your finger while wearing a wedding ring are rare, they can have major consequences. In most instances, these injuries are directly related to your occupation and are preventable. However, the experts at Atlanta Hand Specialist offer decades of experience helping patients recover from a variety of hand-ring related injuries. We specialize in treating all matters affecting the hand and upper extremities.

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