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Leaders in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Signs of Carpal Tunnel

Our physicians and staff are at the forefront of carpal tunnel treatment

The hands are essential to daily living. If you are having signs of carpal tunnel, simple tasks may have become difficult, or even impossible. The experts at Atlanta Hand Specialist are leaders in the greater Atlanta area for the treatment of hand and upper extremity conditions. We can confirm if you are truly having signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, and create a treatment plan specially designed for you.

If you are having the following symptoms, you may have signs of carpal tunnel:

  • Burning, itching, or tingling numbness in the palm of the hand and fingers
  • Your fingers may feel useless or swollen, even if little or no swelling is apparent
  • You may feel the need to “shake out” your hand or wrist
  • Decreased grip strength, clumsiness, dropping things
  • Pain in the wrist, arm, or hand

To confirm that you do have signs of carpal tunnel, and not a separate condition, it is important to see a specialist in the field. Dr. Patel is board certified, highly experienced, and dedicated to providing the utmost in care. The testimonials on our site highlight some of the experiences of our patients.

There are a variety of treatments, from non-surgical to surgical, depending on the severity and longevity of your symptoms. We offer the latest in diagnostics and treatments to best alleviate your pain and other symptoms. Atlanta Hand Specialist is here to help you if you have signs of carpal tunnel.

Call us today at 770-333-7888 for an appointment. If you have an immediate need, same day appointments can be accommodated. To best serve your needs, we have four locations for your convenience. If you think you may have signs of carpal tunnel, call today.

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