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Four Ways to Avoid Hand Injuries in the Garden

Now that the gardening season has arrived, people everywhere are eager to get out into their yards. Harvesting vegetables and pruning rose bushes may not be as easy as you’d like if you suffer from hand pain, though. Additionally, there are some commonly overlooked practices that may further hand soreness or injuries.

Get gardening today with help from Atlanta Hand Specialist! Use these easy practices to reduce inflammation, promote circulation, and prevent blistering.

Use Garden Tools Correctly

Garden tools often have grips on them, guiding gardeners to properly hold them; sometimes these grips do not fit certain hands which can lead to further discomfort. Make sure grips are cushioned and fit the hands appropriately. Keep wrists straight and unbending when using tools. Repetitive wrist bending can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and strain on the tendons in the fingers.

If handheld tools continue to cause pain or discomfort, automatic or power equipment is available. These tools are great for pruning, trimming, or shearing.

Switch Hands

Switching hands while working in the garden will prevent repetitive motion and balance out muscle use. Try to switch activities every 30 minutes to an hour, but begin with those that are easiest on the hands. Garden tasks will seem less mundane and hands will be relieved from new motions.

Wear Gloves

When doing any form of yard work, remember to wear gloves to protect your hands. Gardening gloves are specifically made for using tools with them, containing padding in all the right areas. They will help prevent blisters and cuts, but also prevent dirt and other germs from the ground from getting on the hands.


Complete stretches and wrist exercises before beginning your gardening. Flexing the thumb, rotating the wrists slowly, and finger extensions are just a few of the great exercises that can help before and after garden work.

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