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While many physicians and doctors can offer treatment for wrist pain and injuries, only Georgia wrist surgeons have the years of specialized experience at offering surgical intervention for wrist pain. Georgia wrist surgeons can provide the expert treatment that a general practitioner might not be able to provide.

Georgia wrist surgeons can offer skillful treatment for a wide variety of common conditions affecting the wrists, such as:

  • Georgia wrist surgeons can treat wrist fractures
  • Georgia wrist surgeons can treat wrist sprains
  • Georgia wrist fractures can treat nerve injuries
  • Georgia wrist fractures can treat work related injuries
  • And many more

Many wrist conditions are best treated with surgical intervention. Georgia wrist surgeons have years of experience at diagnosing conditions and providing surgical treatment options. Atlanta residents who suffer from a wrist injury or condition should consult with one of the expert Georgia wrist surgeons like Dr. Viralkumar Patel at Atlanta Hand Specialist.

Scheduling an initial consultation appointment with one of the expert Georgia wrist surgeons, like those at Atlanta Hand Specialist, is the first step towards a full and complete recovery from wrist pain.

To learn more about wrist surgery and schedule an appointment with the Georgia wrist surgeons at Atlanta Hand Specialist, simply visit the website online at, or call the offices at (770) 333-7888 to discuss the kind of treatments Georgia wrist surgeons can offer today.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you have pressure on your wrists? Many people have symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without knowing it. Find out how the condition is caused and what treatment you’ll receive from Atlanta Hand Specialists for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Wrist & Hand Fracture

If you have shooting pain in your hand or wrist, you may have a wrist or hand fracture. Fracturing, or breaking, the bones in the wrist or hand is extremely easy because of their size and structure. Read on to learn how wrist and hand fractures are treated by Dr. Patel and the Atlanta Hand Specialists.

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Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is caused by stressing the tendons and getting your thumb or finger stuck in the bent position. Inflammation and localized pressure are common signs for trigger finger. Seek treatment from the Atlanta Hand Specialists about trigger finger and your treatment options available.

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Ganglion Cyst

Tender lumps found on the hand or wrist can be a cyst. Ganglion Cysts are commonly filled with fluid, and form because of tendon or joint irritation. Find out more about how Ganglion Cysts are treated by the specialists at Atlanta Hand Specialist.

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