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Exercises to Relieve Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects millions of Americans every year. While the exact causes of carpal tunnel syndrome are not clear, most experts know genetic factors, risk factors, and lifestyle factors all play a role in the onset and severity of the condition.

Regardless of the cause, carpal tunnel syndrome can cause stiffness, numbness, and pain. However, there are a few basic carpal tunnel exercises you can do at any time of the day to help relieve your symptoms and prevent further onset. Continue reading to learn a few simple, but effective carpal tunnel exercises you can do at home or work for relief.

Spider Fingers

Similar to the children’s nursery rhyme “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, start this exercise with your hands together in a one similar to a praying position. Then spread your fingers apart as far as you can and “steeple” your fingers by separating the palms of your hands.

In this position, the fingertips of each hand are the only parts that should be touch. This motion stretches the nerve that gets irritated in CTS as well as your palmar fascia and other carpal tunnel structures.

The Prayer Stretch

The prayer stretch is a simple exercise that may help prevent some of the symptoms of CTS. Get started with your palms together in the prayer position. Your hands should be in front of your chest below your chin.

Begin the exercise by slowly lowering your hands toward your wait. Make sure to keep your palms together with your hands close to your stomach. Hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds until you feel a mild stretch under your forearms. Repeat this exercise two to four times.

The Shake

This exercise is extremely simple and straightforward. Get started by shaking your hands just as if you have washed them and trying to let them air dry. You can perform this carpal tunnel syndrome exercise for approximately a minute every two hours.

The Wrist Flexor Stretch

Begin the wrist flexor stretch by extending your arm out in front with the palm facing upward. The next stop is to bend your wrist backward in a position so your hand is pointing toward the floor. Then gently bend the wrist back farther with the other hand until you feel a moderate to mild stretch in the forearm. Maintain this position for a minimum of 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Repeat the wrist flexor stretch exercise two to four times for optimum results.

The Wrist Extensor Stretch

The wrist extensor stretch is very similar to the wrist flexor stretch exercise. Get started by extending your arm out in front of you with your palms facing down. Then, bend the wrist downward, which will result in your fingers pointing toward the flow.

Gently take your other hand to bend the wrist back farther. You will feel a moderate stretch in the forearm. You can repeat this carpal tunnel exercise two to four times. Make sure to hold the position anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds.

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