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6 Ergonomic Products for Work and Home

What does it mean to be ergonomic? Essentially, ergonomic means to be designed for the user, rather than expecting the user to adapt to the product’s design. Ergonomic designs typically put less stress on the user’s physical body, allowing them to work and live more comfortably. They also help prevent repetition-related stress injuries like carpal tunnel and muscle strains.

Some of the ergonomic products that the hand experts at Atlanta Hand Specialist recommend include the following:

Ergonomic Keyboards

Because the average office worker spends more than seven hours a day using the computer, ergonomic keyboards can help prevent stress injuries. Ergonomic keyboards are slightly rounded with a break in between the keys in the center of the board. This design works with the hand’s and wrist’s natural resting position to prevent injury.

Ergonomically Designed Computer Mouse

Many workers also enjoy using an ergonomic mouse that either doesn’t require rolling or is shaped to fit the natural resting position of the hand. This can help prevent strain on the wrist.

User-Friendly Standing Desk

With the typical work day lasting 8-10 hours in the United States, it’s vital to find office furniture that supports your physical health. A good ergonomic alternative to the typical desk is the standing desk. This desk allows you to sit or stand, relieving the danger of blood clots and encouraging you to move more throughout the day.

Comfortable, Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic desk chairs are available that can provide lumbar support to prevent back strain. They are also made for maximum comfort with specifically designed cushioning to relieve joints. Ergonomic chairs should have an adjustable height, lumbar support, and arm rests.

Ergonomic Kitchen Utensils

The kitchen is a place people spend much of their time in, preparing, cooking, and enjoying meals. To help prevent overuse injuries, invest in ergonomic kitchen utensils designed to make repetitive movements carry less strain. From spring-loaded kitchen scissors to easy-grip pots and pans, these simple product changes in your kitchen can help prevent wrist and hand injuries.

Foot Rests and Lumbar Cushions

Cushions and supports are easy additions to your home, office, and car that can be helpful in preventing back strain. Although comfortable, many chairs and couches are not ergonomically designed and can actually cause stress to your back and neck muscles. With the proper cushion supports and foot rests, you can enjoy a movie at home without worrying about muscle pain or soreness.

Find Hand and Wrist Treatment at Atlanta Hand Specialist

If you suffer from carpal tunnel or other wrist and hand pain from strain and stress, visit the experts at Atlanta Hand Specialist. Our compassionate care can help give you the relief you need for a pain-free work or home life. Contact us today at 770-333-7888 to learn more about our services or to make an appointment.

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